BOB DAISLEY - Supergroup, Super Songs... Page 5
by Martin Popoff

Great production too. Plus you sound like a power trio... "Yeah, that's what we wanted, that sort of live band sound, not too overproduced or too processed-sounding. It was a nice room drum sound, the acoustics from the room and the close mic'ing on the drums as well. Some of the effects on the voice... you know, a song like Crowley, that's a hard song for someone else to do, after Ozzy's done it, because of his reputation and image and what have you. So we thought, who are we going to get to do Crowley? Like I said, originally, when we thought of having other guitar players and other singers, we were thinking maybe about Marilyn Manson or Alice Cooper. But I love what Jimmy did. As soon as we started hearing him sing, and as soon as we knew it was going to work, we didn't even think about other guitar players or singers. And for Crowley, the idea of putting Jimmy's voice through a Leslie speaker, organ Leslie, and then with a distorted mic, a distorted mic going through a Leslie Cabinet... it just worked so well, and it took away having a plain rock voice, to doing something with a certain character to it for a song like Crowley."

Next up for Bob is a reunion with his legendary early '70s act Kahvas Jute, a post-psych affair that produced one highly collectible album in 1971 called Wide Open. Keep yer dials set to for more on Bob's extensive whereabouts.