DAMAGEPLAN - Heaviest Supergroup On The Planet?
by Martin Popoff

Damageplan is Bob Zilla on bass, Pat Lachman from Halford on vocals, Pantera's Vinnie Paul on drums and Pantera brother Dimebag Darrell on guitars. New Found Power is the name of the debut album and touring is to commence shortly, beginning on February 28, in Nagoya, Japan, for a week then who knows?

"Our schedule is very close to being finalized," says Vinnie Paul. "The ink just has to dry. There are a lot of different things that are in the works and yes, Black Label is someone we would definitely love to tour with. Zakk is a good friend of ours. I wish I can tell you right now so you can get it in print, but just tell all the fans to go to damageplan.com or .net and it will be out there as soon as we know."

Will there be Pantera songs in the live set?

"Well, I'll tell you this. We played over them at rehearsal, and they sounded great. Every member of this band is very, very capable of playing those songs to their utmost. But of course we want the focus to be Damageplan and I think we're going to wait until we get out there and see how everything goes. If it feels right, you know... those are great songs and people want to hear them. And the only way they will hear them, is if we play them. So there's a good possibility we can do that."

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