DAMAGEPLAN - Heaviest Supergroup On The Planet? Page 2
by Martin Popoff

Finally, Vinnie offers a few words of reflection on the (final?) break with Phil Anselmo. "Oh, you know, we just got left out in the dark, man. Just like all the Pantera fans. We had no idea what his intentions were, what his plans were. We made several attempts to communicate with him, conference calls, even had a meeting scheduled in New York at the label, and he turned it all down. And looking back on it, I truly believe his intentions were just to test the water and see how far he could get on his own. And if it didn't work, come crawling back to Pantera. Me and Dime are very loyal people; we put our heart and soul into Pantera as hard as we can and we go 100% on everything we do. And there never was time for us to do side projects or anything like that. So now we've moved on past Pantera, and God bless it, because we're very proud of everything we ever did in the band, and it was something we planned on doing forever. But now we've moved on past it. We're looking forward to making our own legacy, and we're going to put 110% into this band as hard as we can, and just move forward, man."