A Day In Danzig-land
by Martin Popoff

Danzig recently rolled through town (my town being Toronto) in support of his highly regarded Satan's Child album, putting on a ferocious, loud and crowd-pleasing headlining set following nu-metallers Disturbed, hardcore act Hatebreed and stoner deathsters Six Feet Under, the latter of which was enthusiastically received at near the same decibel levels as the Man In Black Pentagram his nasty self.

Here's the latest Danzig news for your purgatorial perusal. The present tour, just winding up, has been approximately seven weeks in duration. Further tour plans include Europe and possibly more summer dates in North America if the right package comes up.

There's also been a line-up change within the band. Glenn explains: "Yes, recently Lazie decided he wasn't going to play music anymore. He just wanted to stay home with his son Rocko. So, we were cool with that, because Lazie's a friend. It's not just a band thing. So we had some bassists try out and Howie Pyro got the gig. I don't know if you know his history. He was in a band with Todd called D-Generation, and before that he was in a ton of different punk bands in New York. I actually know him from a long time ago, when the Misfits just started out. He was in a band called The Blessed."

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