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By Martin Popoff

777: I Luciferi is an album Glenn calls the "heaviest Danzig record ever" and his "favourite Danzig record of the catalogue." Fact is, people have been digging it, likening it to II and 4p, reveling in the album's dark aggressive riffs. "Didn't really do too much differently," notes Glenn. "Went in, did the basics, in about a week or ten days, whatever it was, and then pretty much never saw Joey (C.) again (laughs) after that for long time period and then Howie (Pyro), if we needed him to come down and do a bass track or whatever, we would have him come down. Todd (Youth) and I pretty much worked on most of the record in terms of all the overdubs and vocals. So pretty much the same way."

And these four guys are the touring band as well; no changes?

"Yes. This is the band who completed... well, Todd came on board and did the whole Satan's Child tour, and halfway through that tour, Howie came on, and since then the line-up's been the same. But that doesn't mean the line-up is going to be the same forever. The name of the band is Danzig and that's what everybody should realize. And if they don't realize that, then they're pretty stupid. But yes, we're close (laughs). They've been my band for a long time and yeah, everyone has their own vibe and everything, but we don't hate each other. We all get along really well."

"I never go by that," answers Glenn in response to my comment that the album is getting good reviews. "I always go by what the fans tell me, you know what I mean? And sometimes you happen to talk to people who are journalists and who are also fans and they'll tell you straight out, 'No, I didn't like this one as much as that one.' So yeah, as long as I'm happy, and then later on, everyone else's happy, that's good."

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