DANZIG - Devil In The Details Page 3
By Martin Popoff

I asked Glenn to divulge a few technological intricacies used on the album, or indeed any other trivia notes we might not have gathered. "I actually recorded some of the vocals in 5.0, so that was pretty cool. Just little tricks here and there I got to try out, stuff I'd never done before and it was a lot of fun. In terms of the songs, 'Kiss The Skull' is definitely an homage to Samhain and Gary Glitter - those Glitter choruses, that's for sure - and the tribal Samhain stuff. But the Oi! choruses, that goes directly back to Gary Glitter. 'Halo Goddess Bone' was being worked on when we did Satan's Child, but it wasn't completed. And it was a particularly tough song, so I just kept working on it and working on it, coming up with different versions, until it finally was ready for this record. With respect to the sound, I've always been very concerned with the drum sound. I think all the Danzig records have a really good drum sound, so drums are a very important part of the music and that's how it's always been."

Some critics have taken a swipe at the album's graphics, something that carries over into the 'Wicked Pussycat' video, which it turns out, few fans will be seeing anytime soon. Is there a humour, or "camp" element to what goes on with respect to the women and the big claw glove?

"As far as a camp idea, no. Is there a sardonic sense of humour? Of course. But also sometimes there isn't. It always makes me laugh when journalists or music video critics or whatever will give us a hard time because we have girls in our video. But then their favourite rap artist can have girls just standing there jiggling their butts for no apparent reason whatsoever other than to just jiggle their butts. And that's perfectly fine and that's great and the video is fantastic. I think they're all full of shit and that's basically what I have to say. And any of those f**kfaces that want to step up and get their faces implanted in their assholes should step up, OK? I think a lot of people haven't spoken up about it and I'm probably the only one who will. There's definitely a reverse racism in music today. It's OK for a black artist to do this but it's not OK for a white artist to do this. White artists have to be these sensitive alterna-geeks and if you're not, you're just the worst thing in the world. That's fine with me. I don't want to be down with you and your whole f**king pathetic scene, you know? Leave me out of it. It's OK for these artists to do that, but if we have a video and there is just part of a breast showing, nope, can't have that. No, no no. The criteria for a rock video is just so different than the one for rap or hip-hop; it's just ridiculous. And for anyone to say that there is not any kind of discriminatory practice going on, you must be just so devoid of any intelligence whatsoever, that it's not even worth arguing about with those people. They're just dumb. Stupid. Dumb."