by Martin Popoff

On top of adding to his insomnia problems with the recent birth of a new baby girl, Dark Tranquillity's Mikael Stanne makes it triplets, with the birth of a new, stuffed-full DVD and an impending follow-up to the esteemed Damage Done album from '02.

"Well, basically you get a really long show," begins Stanne, "one hour and 45 minutes, something like that, recorded in Poland in this TV studio, which puts us on display in a very weird way, with specially invited people from Krakow, Poland; it wasn't announced at all. It was very weird in that respect. But it looks great and it sounds even better. I don't know. I guess they knew there was a recording going on, but it wasn't really like a show or anything like that, more like a little display. But it worked out great. I don't know if they were walk-ins or what; that's how it felt. People don't really speak English there so it's hard for me to ask them. And then there are excerpts from three different shows, one in Essen, one in Paris and one in Athens, just some extra songs from bootleg recordings which kind of show off the amazing people from Greece and Germany and France, the way they react to the music. They do act different, especially in Greece, which is of course, down in the south. They're more passionate, I guess; same as with Italy and the south of France; I don't know why, but it's amazing. So it's great for us northern people to go down there because it's a totally different feel."

"But oh man, it was a hassle!" sighs Mikael. "We wanted so much stuff on there, but it's always a question of what can you do, what can you get, what can you get permission from people for? Who filmed stuff? We have tons of material that will probably end up on the next DVD. We have so many home videos, plus old stuff from the '90s, old material, where you have no idea who filmed it. There are just all these tapes that come in over the years. But we managed to squeeze so much on there anyway."

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