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by Martin Popoff

Indeed. Live Damage is actually over three hours long, with the aforementioned live bonanza plus interviews, plus videos, plus the usual photo gallery and discography stuff. Nice tie-over until the next album...

"We're quite far along, actually," notes Stanne. "We go into the studio in three and a half weeks and we start to record. We have lots of songs and they're all coming along really, really nicely. We can't wait to get it done. We're so focused on doing this album; we've been rehearsing every day for four, five, six months now. In terms of titles, we've got 'Lost To Apathy', 'Mind Matter', 'Character', 'Low Tide', but some of these change every day. Style-wise, I don't know, I think it's faster and more intense and also a bit more progressive and technical. It's really, really heavy, very intense. We're going to produce it ourselves. We're going into Fredman Studios, here in Gothenburg as usual. Vocally, it's actually angrier and screamier than ever. There's some somber and introverted stuff, but most of it is all-out... anger and rage and all that; the kinds of things that you get out through death metal music."

"A lot of it is has to do with the frustration about what is being said in the media, in the news," replies Stanne, when asked about the lyrical direction. "It's been kind of chaotic over the last couple years and that's kind of triggered me to write about how we perceive it, how we take in all this information that we get. And all the songs have different characters, and they're about how these different characters respond to this information, their impressions, what they make of it. Do you lash out against it or do you take it, swallow all the bullshit you're being fed? How do you deal with it? And all the songs deal with that; so far anyway."

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