DEATH ANGEL - In-Studio Report
by Martin Popoff

San Francisco thrash titans Death Angel are more than stoked. The follow-up to 2004's The Art Of Dying - tentatively entitled Killing Season - is coming along fetchingly, and, as guitarist Rob Cavestany explains, much of the enthusiasm comes down to all the playthings the band has found in the plush and well-stocked Studio 606.

"Huge differences this time around," exclaims Rob: "With The Art Of Dying we were in a whole different headspace for one thing. That album, pretty much, we weren't expecting to do an album. It was just a few shows and it was going to be a live thing, and all of a sudden we fell into it and let it flow, and it flowed rather quickly. As well, in this case, we really set our minds to write for this album in a different headspace, as well as the producer and the studio we're recording in. It totally crushes the way we did the last album. So we're very, very excited."

"The album just ended up being really dark and angry," continues Cavestany, with respect to lyrics. "We write about a lot of different stuff, because a lot of different guys in the band write lyrics. They all have a different point of view. In general, a lot of the songs are written about the state of the world, negative aspects that are going on in the state of the world. Kind of an angry response to a lot of things that are pissing us off."

Rob figures the album should hit the streets in March of '08, including titles such as 'Lord Of Hate', 'Dethroned', 'Soulless' and 'Buried Alive'. And again, Rob says that a lot of the bubbly vibe in the studio comes down the studio and the producer, Nick Raskulinecz, fresh off work on Rush's Snakes And Arrows.

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