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by Martin Popoff

Did Nick do anything outside of the box, something that you'd never seen before?

"He always had some tricks to bring out the best in each individual; I know that. He had a bunch of his own equipment that he brought in for tones, especially guitar-wise. And I know that he brought a lot of different stuff with Rob, different effects, stomp petals, and a bunch of outboard gear, as well as guitars. With me, I usually track vocals in the main tracking room or in the isolation booth, but this time we actually recorded the vocals in the control room. And it was just me and him in the control room. We each had a set of headphones and we would each be in the control room crankin' it and we would just stop right there and discuss what happened, and just keep going over and over it. In all honestly, that was a new one for me. And it was the most comfortable, and yet, dare I say, fun that I had ever had recording an album."

Did it feel more casual doing it that way?

"I think to a certain degree. But at the same time I would have to say, working with Nick, because he is such a fan of rock and metal... he bought Ultra-Violence the day it came out. But the stuff that he has done and produced, it's like wow, because you get this marriage of the two. Because when you are talking to him, he gets excited like a music fan and metal fan, but his knowledge and the things he suggests now and then, he just throws in these things and you go, 'Yeah, Jesus Christ!' And he produced Rush! (laughs). You know what I mean? He has this air about him as well, but he doesn't hold himself like that, which is beautiful. And his ideas are just amazing. He did truly did bring out the best in everyone."

Lyrically, one can jump into the pit and pounce around the thrash violence of the imagery, but coursing below the solid and appropriate picture, well... there's more.

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