DEATH ANGEL - In-Studio Report Page 2
by Martin Popoff

"Amazing magic. This guy, the experience that he has just completely shines through when we get to work over here. I mean he's just got everything from tones to preproduction ideas. He worked with us before we even got into the recording studio. He's involved in every aspect and has just awesome ideas and a good vision of where we're going. We're completely on the same page with the type of album we're trying to make. So we're collaborating, just totally flowing... it's unbelievably great."

Anything particularly strange about it, out of character, epic songs, concepts etc.?

"I don't think anything is out of character, per se - we just do what we always try to do. We try to push our musicality as far as we can for each album. There is hella fast shit and there is slower heavy shit, but this album is definitely vibing on really, really heavy and serious and brutal and angry-sounding. So there is not really much uppity-style Death Angel; there is no ballad per se on this album. It is just all about heaviness."

"I think this album is much more technical than the last album," answers Rob, prompted by an observation that the last record was really pared-down, accessible, even simple. "These days we're trying to do the technical and interesting parts in more of a subtle way, working more and more and on our songwriting as opposed to just part after part. We really spent a lot of time arranging and working on specific parts to make the thing technical in the right spots, but simplistic where they need to feel simplistic."

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