DEATH ANGEL - In-Studio Report Page 3
by Martin Popoff

And the textures and tones?

"All kinds of shit, dude. The one thing that is so insane here... first of all, we are at a studio called Studio 606, Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters, and Nick, our producer's, studio, and it was custom built to be f**king unbelievably... I mean, this is a musician's studio, built by musicians. It's the most unbelievable studio we have ever recorded in. The gear that they have here is in-sane! There is so much gear that we are going crazy. I've already recorded using more f**king combinations of amps, cabinets, effects and guitars than I've ever used before. If that gives you an idea of the tones and different shit that is going to be all over the layers of this album... the acoustic parts that I'm recording, I'm using multiple f**kin'... four different acoustics for six layers of crazy shit going all over the place. I mean, Nick has just got through recording Neil from Rush, mind you. So the drum tones are in-f**kin'-sane, the most brutal and thick and insane tones... whatever we have done in the past, times ten. We're coming up with ideas and we're on the same page with all the shit. The songs are blossoming and getting coloured in beyond belief. So for sure, it will be the most sonically intense album we've put out, without a doubt. It's just pounding, man, and it's so f**king tight. That's the other thing. We're coming heavy and tight as hell with this..."