DEEP PURPLE - Deep In Thought Amongst Other Things
Road Report by Martin Popoff

Deep Purple's Roger Glover is all set to go with a new solo album. "I'm just about to mix. We've got 14 songs. The two main people throughout the album are my drummer J', and a singer, organ player, sax player, all around good guy called Randall Bramblett. He's actually just got a new record coming out on New West Records, sometime in the next few months. I don't have any deal for the album yet. I decided to make the record and have finished product to do a deal with rather than a couple of demos. Because I'd ratherÉ you know, I'm not a big-name act. I'd rather go with a company who really believes in what I'm doing. And I'm willing to promote it as much as possible, probably do a club tour or at least a couple of dates, something along those lines, film it. But I really need to find a record company who is going to support it with me."

In other news, the band continues to tour hard (a DVD culled from a recent Florida stop is planned) with Styx and Billy Squier. On in the middle spot before Styx, Deep Purple play for 75 minutes, which suits Ian Gillan just fine.

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