DEEP PURPLE - Deep In Thought Amongst Other Things Page 4
Road Report by Martin Popoff

"We started working on some stuff then got together again and worked on some additional stuff and the thing is, Purple just tours on a continual basis. Everybody lives in different countries, thousands of miles apart and we just haven't yet gotten back together to work on the album. Because for this one, I think they've decided to have an outside producer for the first time in a long time. And that takes a lot of planning and getting the right person. So it's even more of a scheduling difficulty."

"But I'm really one of the worst people to interview about albums," laughs Morse, who incidentally is half done a new solo album for Magna Carta Records, provisionally titled Night And Day. "Because even though I work intensely on everything I do, I have a real matter of fact approach to a project like that. I feel, sure, it's going to be good but I also know the guys change their minds a lot. There's no way of telling. Anybody who d's tell you what an album is going to be like is full of... energy (laughs), but not so much full of realism."