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By Martin Popoff

"Originally the plan was North America first," explains Allen on the band's tour plans. "Things have changed somewhat. I know we're going to be in Japan in November and I would like to think that January would be a good bet for America. For now, it's really just promotional things; we've got a show in Pennsylvania and a show in Boston and another show in New York. I leave here on the 17th of this month and then we rehearse 18th, 19th, and then we have the shows just after that."

Any one-off recordings or perhaps placement of any the X songs on soundtracks?

"Actually, it just so happens that myself, Phil and Viv, we're going in to meet with the film and TV department today, at our label. We were very fortunate to meet up with some really good people when we had the release party here, and they said any time you guys want to come in and discuss other places we can put the songs, then please do. So I took the opportunity to call up and we're going to go in and meet them today. That'll be fun."

It's surprising that still, after 22 years, there has not been a Def Leppard live album. If Allen's comments are a true indication of the band's machinations, don't hold your breath. "There are so many recordings out there, so many bootlegs," muses Rick. "There are 500 or more downloads you can get online these days. We never... I don't know, we were never really big live album fans. There's something that's kind of lost a little bit in the translation. I think if somebody is there at the concert, and they really want a live tape of that particular show, then, to them, it's probably different because they can take in the whole spectacle. But to listen to a live album cold, I don't know, there's an X factor; it misses something. No, nobody really ever made major noises about a live album. And like I say, we did the Don Valley thing, which was in our hometown, and I guess if you get that, you can turn the TV off and leave the sound on kind of thing (laughs). And that's pretty much as we sound live; that was pretty much as it is."

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