Destruction-The Thrash Class Of '84 Is Back Page 3
by Martin Popoff

But the subject at hand is still the shark-attack new record, an album that lyrically is as hard-hitting as the thoughtful thrash mania buzzing the backboards. "I think all the lyrics fit under the record title All Hell Breaks Loose. There are lyrics about war, against Christian beliefs, against the stupidity of mankind and all the strange things we do. There's social criticism and stuff about extreme things that go on out there. And it goes with the music because we play a very strong heavy music. So the lyrics are also heavy and brutal, but they aren't senseless."

But look to be beaten senseless as the band does indeed hit these shores this summer, likely part of a package with Entombed and Old Man's Child. Total focus on Destruction will leave things at Schmier's thriving restaurant in the care of the hired help. "I have a few good people there. My girlfriend looks after things. Right now I'm concentrating 100% on the band; it's the major priority. I've spent four years getting the restaurant up and going and now I want to concentrate on the band."

"Things are going well for Destruction," continues an optimistic Schmier. "The most important thing in making this album was that if we didn't get along, we weren't going to do it. And if the songwriting doesn't work, we don't do it. So it was a cool atmosphere. We had been practicing a lot for the festival shows here this summer, and in between we just had to write material. It was a really relaxing jamming out-type situation, no stress or pressure. We thought if the material doesn't work, we don't record an album. Let's just write and see what happens. If we like it, we do a demo. The reaction from the fans was also important. We don't want to disappoints people first of all. And it was important to have a good time together, to drink, smoke, hang out. We didn't know what to expect actually. I think we have a very good chance now to prove that we were an influential band and that now we're back with a good album with no bullshit, no fake stuff, just good brutal Destruction-style metal."