DESTYNATION - Cold-fired Power From The North! Page 5
by Martin Popoff

And if it's ticking you off trying to spell the band's name, take solace in that some thought has gone into the assembly of the tricky moniker. Says Ronny, "The name comes the rising of a band who's been through hell and is now back with a new face. Destynation is like a combination of the words Destiny, Destination and Nation which creates something like 'A Destined Destination with music for the Nation' - DestyNation. Meaning that destiny has a plan for us and our music in this world. Isn't that a cool thought? (laughs)."

In closing, Ronny charts the future for this well-grounded, rich with experience act. "Both Sonic Age and us guys are working real hard to get a tour as soon as possible. But we're at the same time waiting for sales statistics and there's really not much we can do at the moment except for planning and waiting. There are some plans which unfortunately are confidential right now but as soon as we get anything concrete to announce, no one will be happier than ourselves! As for right now, we're concentrating writing new cool heavy material, updating the studio and the festival gigs. We're currently booked for five Swedish festivals, from north to south. It will be a lot of fun as we've got some surprises here and there..."

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