DENNIS DEYOUNG - Symphonic Ride On The River Styx Page 3
by Martin Popoff

"I think those troubles were really blown out of proportion, for someone to make a point about why I was no longer needed in the band, for a TV show, called Behind The Music. Every band that has multiple songwriters - and even those that don't - they struggle in greater and lesser degrees, in trying to figure out who they are and what you're going to put on a record. That's not an unusual thing. And I don't think we were any more unusual than any of them, to be honest with you."

"Look, I was in a band with them," sighs Dennis, examining current mixed feelings he has with respect to the Styx guys and the current touring version thereof. "I think they're good; they're a good band. Look, here's how I look at this. There's one thing in the world that I'm better at than anybody else. Nobody is as good at this as I am. You know what that is?"

Being Dennis?

"That's right. Nobody is as good at that as I am. And that's pretty much how I would like to leave that. And if you liked Styx, I think in some ways you had to like me. In some ways, I would think. So, you know, you put a group of individuals together and they make something special. You just can't add and subtract and have it be the same, I don't think. Now, does that sound like I'm being bitter? I don't mean it to be."

"We've added lots," says Dennis, back on the subject of the symphonic tour (which, incidentally, is a gorgeous, inspiring display of these songs with powerful fidelity, chops, professionalism... go see it!). "In fact, since that CD and DVD (now two and a half years on from those shows), Pieces Of Eight has been added, with an interlude to Hall Of The Mountain King. What else? I'm OK and Queen Of Spades from Pieces Of Eight as well. I think I've had a 40 song repertoire over the time we've been doing this. Songs come out, go in."

"It's going to be eclectic," adds DeYoung, in closing, on his next project - a new studio album. "You know, there are no expectations. I'm just going to try to get the best ten or 11 songs on a CD. Nothing more. It will be eclectic, and here's my suggestion. If you don't like me, don't buy it, because I'll be all over it. I'll be on every song. So if you don't care for me, I wouldn't buy it (laughs)."

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