DIAMOND HEAD - Still Evil?
by Martin Popoff

Troubled NWOBHM legends Diamond Head are back with a new record, but no Sean Harris frontin' and singin'. But before you bolt, realize that new singer Nick Tart has just as much dimension and thespian flair as Sean, and that guitarist Brian Tatler is still writing regal riffs fer miles.

"I think it's a more focused album," begins Tatler, relating the record to the classic Death And Progress from '93, that album being their first in ten years, the new one now, the first in a dozen! "It's a simple rock album at times. I think that's what we set out to make. In the past, things like Canterbury, they were a little diverse for some people's tastes. We had a little bit of stick in '83 for making that kind of record; it was ambitious, shall we say. Some people just didn't get the direction change, and how far we had come from the first album to that third album. But we thought we'd make a rock album we could play live and sound good in the car, have plenty of power. Kind of going back to the beginning. I think this one's probably a bit heavier, just more riff-based, harder, maybe a bit meaner, tougher."

And why this curious title, All Will be Revealed?

"OK, well, "laughs Tatler, "obviously with the split with Sean that's happened, we didn't want to get into a lot of personal explanations as to why, slinging matches, kind of thing. So we thought, you know, it will come out one day. And the title All Will Be Revealed... I mean, it's one of the song titles anyway, but we just thought one day the truth will out, and all will be revealed, and people will maybe understand why this had to happen."

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