DIAMOND HEAD - Still Evil? Page 3
by Martin Popoff

What do you think you've brought forward from the old sound? What are the distinct elements of the Diamond Head sound?

"Mmm... I suppose it could be the riffs. I'm always looking for great riffs, really. I suppose I've got a reputation for coming up with riffs. And I like arrangements as well. I do try and put something together so it sounds like it's in the right order. But I sometimes think with the earlier songs, things like 'Am I Evil?' and 'Helpless' and 'The Prince', I almost think there's a naivety to those songs and those arrangements, where we didn't exactly know the rule book, and we would write whatever we felt comfortable with. If we wanted to start with a five minute guitar solo (laughs), we would, or do four verses, things like that. Whereas nowadays, you can't help but conforming to pattern, you know, where you go verse/chorus. And I suppose the more songs you write, the more you start writing in a formula, and it's very hard to write seven minute songs that change tempo and go through many mood changes. Somehow you question yourself too much. You try to simplify things a little bit, so you know they'll work. Rather than not taking... well, not any chances, but very few chances."

Take a chance and check out the quite addictive All Will be Revealed, issued by Cargo in the UK. See www.diamond-head.net for more, including news of considerable tour plans.