DIAMOND HEAD - Left For Megadead! Page 2
by Martin Popoff

"And also we didn't like repeating ourselves. Then we did Canterbury, which was by far the most expensive and biggest hassle; it split the band up for a start. We'd argue about almost everything, i.e. album covers, choice of songs, arrangements, you name it. I remember an argument that lasted a week over whether or not we should play on the "Oxford Roadshow" - we didn't. Toward the end, Sean wanted to go lighter, but usually we liked the same bands and songs and they would be our point of reference. As it all turned out, the only money I make from Diamond Head is my songwriters share on the four songs covered by Metallica. Nothing else sold in large enough quantities to recoup the initial investment."

Ah yes, that fortunate association with Metallica. "I've stayed in touch with Lars since he first came over to see Diamond Head in 1981," offers Tatler, asked about the extent of the friendship. "I've stayed at his house and visited their studio when they were recording Garage Inc. Plus I've seen Metallica around 17 times; Lars would always make time to call me and arrange passes which was very nice of him, and I have performed Diamond Head songs on stage with them several times."

And biggest business lesson learned? "Don't let your mum manage the band."