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by Martin Popoff

And er, speaking of rage, Paul has a bit extra to direct toward rumours going around as to the reason he canceled his American tour a couple months back. I asked if we could get his side of it.

"Yes, you certainly can! I just talked to my manager about it. This is really pissing me off, to be honest with you. You see, I've got a girlfriend from Brazil who is actually working in Providence, Rhode Island, and she called me up and goes, 'what the hell happened with this tour?' They said my work permit was out of order. I couldn't get it fixed up in time. The American government gave me permission to work in America, but I left something off I was supposed to include. They said, 'have you ever been in trouble and stuff like that before?' And yes I did (sighs). I did get arrested in America about eight years ago in the crazy days (laughs); it was over a weapons thing, yeah? So now these rumors are all going out over the f**king internet that I was supposedly beating my ex-wife up and I'm going 'shit, I didn't do that!' So we're going to put a disclaimer on my website about this. I'm really pissed off about it. So it would be nice to get my own story out for a change. But I really screwed up on that one. Because they say on the form for the visa, 'have you been in trouble before?' This is from the American Embassy in England. And I was advised by some legal people, 'oh, it was a long time ago, don't bother putting it on there. Leave it off.' Which is what I did and they wrote back and said you better do something about that. But by that point it was too late to get it together."

Paul is working toward putting that tour back together early in the new year. But back to the new album. For Nomad, Paul has assembled a band of Brazillians, who have struck a perfect blend between Di'Anno's dark chugging Killers style and the NWOBHM-ish Battlezone vibe. The result: mean, gritty power metal that, as erudite Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles graphics man Hugues LaFlamme points out, would have been a vaulted classic had a guy like Roy Z. come on board and produced it. As it is, it is perhaps a little raw. But that's the way Di'Anno likes it. Here's Paul on the young metalheads grinding out his backing track.

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