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by Martin Popoff

"Well Paulo, the guitarist, was on the last Battlezone album, and Paulo went back to Brazil so we decided we were going to do some writing together and that's exactly what happened. We did have a few other English guys we were going to use, but in the end we didn't, because we found this bass player and guitarist, Felipe and Chico, who come from a band in Sao Paulo called Karma, and the drummer Aquiles, I think that's the coolest name in heavy metal (laughs), Aquiles Priester, what a cool name. He's one of Brazil's top drummers, and he's only a young guy, about 25, 26. We sort of all got together and it gelled so well, that the next album, if we ever get around to doing it, I think everybody will be doing a bit of writing on it."

And the road still beckons, Di'Anno looking to tour the new record, as well as limited dates for his other projects, with a vengeance. "I really don't like being stuck in the studio. But going on tour, oh God, I've done that for years, but I love it, getting to meet lots of people. And the writing, it gets the anger and stuff out of me onto paper. That's good, very cleansing sometimes. Apart from that I absolutely adore playing, and never more so than when I get back to Brazil as well. I'll tell you what. Not nearly a day goes by when I'm not nearly in tears down there, because of the way they are towards me and the way I am towards them. We're probably the second biggest band to come out of Brazil, apart from Sepultura. And it's nice to see the country getting some more recognition apart from football, which is absolutely wonderful. But I'll tell you, it's a whole different thing. There's fans and there's fans. It's very, very emotionally draining at the best of times to be on stage and give everything you've got, but it's even more so once I'm back in Brazil. Because they know they've got me anytime, anyplace that they want me, because I have such a big love for all the guys. It's almost like a one-to-one basis with every one of them."

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