BRUCE DICKINSON - Readies Solo Recap
By Martin Popoff

Taking a long break from all things Maiden, Bruce Dickinson has put the final touches on The Best Of Bruce Dickinson, which for initial pressings, will include a second CD of rarities.

Bruce reflects on the well-regarded solo canon so far, specifically the extra satisfactions he can glean from this process versus work with Maiden. "I think the ability to exercise doubt, right? Because there tends to be a certainty in Maiden, which is a product of personalities within the band. There does tend to be a certainty within Maiden, and part of it is the confidence as well, that Maiden fans are Maiden fans through and through and in general will buy more or less everything that the band puts out, as long as they've done it sincerely. So this breeds a certain sense of self-confidence that no matter what you do, it's going to be right. With my solo stuff, I have no such confidence at all. You feel that there is sort of no safety net underneath you. If you're trying to do something that is different, it can either be slightly worrying or very exhilarating. Your choice. That's one of the main differences."

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