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By Martin Popoff

There's also a track called 'The Wicker Man', which Bruce says "isn't an alternate version, it's a completely different song. The original title for the Iron Maiden 'Wicker Man' song was going to be 'Your Time Will Come' and nobody was really that keen on that title. Steve then had picked out of a line I had written, 'The shadow over the wicker man is rising up again', and said, 'wow, why don't we call it 'The Wicker Man'?' At which point I said, 'oh man, it's going to be 'Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter' all over again, but then I said wait, OK, I see, it does make sense, because 'The Wicker Man' gave us a cover, it gave us a look to the album, it gave us a stage show, all from this movie. So it was a good choice, a good decision. But the song that appears on my album, on CD2, is a completely different song, written and recorded at the time of Accident Of Birth."

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