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by Tim Henderson

Most of the show is from the first night in Sao Paulo, with the remainder pulled from dates in Rio de Janeiro and Curitiba. And aside from technicalities that put the kibosh on the first few songs of the debut Sao Paulo date, Scream For Me Brazil is a spliced together encapsulation of the journey.

"I don't give a shit," he boasts, "because it's such a fuckin' great live record. It just captures what it is like to go to one of my shows."

And Bruce has made the continent a priority in his touring travels.

"South America and Brazil in particular has increased year on year their support of heavy metal and every kind of rock music for the last ten years. It's really quite a remarkable situation. Brazil is not a third world country. It does have some pretty annoying currency fluctuations which tends to screw things up for promoters and band trying to do business down there all the time. You can surmount those if you are determined enough and I made a decision long ago that Brazil was a great place to be at and the audience deserved to see stuff on a regular basis. A lot of bands go down there and expect it to be the same as the U.S., which it's not, so they go away and say 'We're not going to play here again.' If you go there and talk to the local people and have a certain degree of humility, then the place just comes alive. It's one of the most incredible audiences in the world."

Joined onstage with Adrian, guitarist/comrade in arm Roy Z, bassist Eddie Cassillas and drummer Dave Ingrahams, SFMB's material "excludes anything that Roy, Eddie and Dave didn't play on in the studio. All the Maiden stuff we played and all the Tattooed Millionaire stuff, we just went, 'Very nice, but let's keep it to the stuff the band played on.' Out of respect to the guys in the band, I felt it was important to have some integrity to it and also, I didn't want to go around reproducing Maiden material that's been reproduced many times before."

So what's your relationship with the lads since you've taken another path.

"Very good. I speak to Roy all the time and in fact we're collaborating on a few other little side-projects at the moment anyway. We are going to work together again on another solo album, probably for 2001. Next year, we're planing to release an album called Catacombs, which is going to be unreleased stuff from the whole ten years. Next year is going to be ten years since I've been releasing solo albums."

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