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by Martin Popoff

One thing the listener will notice right away is the album's beefy production. Ronnie agrees that Master Of The Moon deals body blows. "Well, I think it's the heaviest of the Dio albums, in terms of production so far. I'm really very pleased with the sound of the album. It's just what I wanted to accomplish, and so much of that is due to the interpretation of our engineer Wyn Davis, who can interpret what I want and get it for me. But I think it's a much, much heavier album than anything we've done before. It's been likened in some ways, probably because of the tempos of the songs, to the Dehumanizer album I did with Sabbath. So I think, if there is any kind of descriptive word, it would probably be a bit more like Dehumanizer than anything else."

And what about the title, Master Of The Moon?

"Well, it's actually the title of one of the songs. And it was a title that sounded best for a title of an album. We didn't want to call it One More For The Road or The Eyes or In Dreams or Living The Lie; Master Of The Moon has the best lyrical flow to it as an album title. And it certainly brought more things to mind, to my mind anyway, for an album cover. And then obviously, hey, what looks good on a T-shirt? That's another important thing you have to go through. But the song itself was just a song I wrote about a friend of mine who has a son who is 14, going through all the things 14-year-old kids go through, being screamed at, yelled at, told you must do it this way and you must do it that way. He's trying to grow into his own skin and find his own way but he's always being told what to do. And the people in the song say to this boy, you know, if you turn around, you can face the sun and we can make you be like everyone. Obviously meaning that, hey, stay in the light here, where we can see you, where you can't do anything on your own. Because the sun is so powerful, you must be Master Of The Moon. So in their eyes, it's a deriding term, Master Of The Moon."

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