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By Martin Popoff

And why The Roseland? "We played it before; it's a good-sized gig, very conducive to filming. The company we're using is a New York-based company, which makes it a lot easier. Our affiliation with the lighting and sound people is a very strong one in New York as well. So I think, more for the supplies that we need and secondary to the fact that it's a good gig and that New York crowds are great for us. There probably will be a few people who turn up from upstate New York (ed. Ronnie's original homeland). But I don't expect a lot. The consideration is the show this time; there's not a lot of chance for schmoozing to go on because we want to get it right. I think the less outside things we have to be concerned with, the easier it's going to be for everybody, just from a purely mental-clearing state."

In terms of special visuals for the show, Ronnie says that the band would have liked to have used pyro, but couldn't. "Yes, we've always been known for that but of course, pyro is impossible to use it that particular venue so we can't do that. We're using some things that are much like that but in a lighting design fashion. We're using a lighting designer who designed Holy Diver, Sacred Heart, Last In Line, all of the big shows that we did, Paul Dexter. So he's bringing in a lot of special things and he's the best as far as I'm concerned. So it will be a wonderful visual show. Once again, it's not something that really concerns me until I see it, because my concern is for the musical part of it. I'll let someone else deal with that and hopefully at the end of the day I'll look at it and say, 'Woah, that was good.' But you know, 'Did we sound good and did we perform well?' is what I'm always concerned about most. We'll be adding as many special things as we possibly can. A lot of it is going to be done in post-production of course, where they'll add things like eggs, which you find a little thing in a DVD that no one knows about and you click on it and you go 'Woah! I didn't know that was there.' Those kinds of things, special little treats. And there will be heretofore unreleased things from the past, a lot of backstage situations, road crew and band backstage, all those nice little things that hopefully will tie up the package and make it more special."

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