DIO - It Lives... Again! Page 2
by Martin Popoff

"So obviously, we had done the right thing when we played it. So that's always been my ethic. 'Why should we think about going out and doing this thing? We know it's going to be a DVD. Aah, that's OK, we can go back and do it in the studio.' Well, that's not reality. That's not what people come to see. They come to see it done right the first time. You should be able to capture that, and that's what we did."

"There will be another record, but we won't be finished touring yet until probably October, maybe November. We've got a month to do in Russia, festivals this year, the European tour to do, UK, Japan, Australia, South Korea. So we've got a lot of places we have to go. If I stopped moving, I'd probably perish (laughs). So yes, that's going to preclude writing another album right away, of course. I guess it helps that this live CD is out, which will give us a little bit of a breather. But hopefully the next album will be Magica II and III; I'm still shooting for that."