RONNIE JAMES DIO - Dio Biographer Martin Popoff Expresses His Condolences Page 2
by Martin Popoff

Indeed, in terms of material, rock-solid legacy, when all is said and done, I think most studiers of the form would agree that Ronnie was instrumental, alive and in command through no less than six of the most classic and timeless heavy metal albums of all time, namely Rising, Long Live Rock 'n' Roll, Heaven And Hell, Mob Rules, Holy Diver and The Last In Line. And happy, hard-working, taking-nothing-for-granted Italian that he was, in between all that, Ronnie built a fortress of a catalogue that proved time and time again that he was heavy metal tried and true, earnest in forging quality metal with messages of sympathy and empathy being the life-rich bonus between the grooves. I have to chuckle about how being heavy was rarely something he felt he had to, ahem, trumpet. If you brought it up, he'd toss off with a laugh, something about not wanting to make wimpy music. But the thing with Ronnie, action spoke louder than his always gracious words - he just kept building a bricks and mortar bunker of weighty, anchored metal, and kept doing it until he was stricken. Teenager through to 67, the work ethic and more spectacularly, that roaring golden voice, never wavered.

Like I say, there will be more famous hard rockers taken from us, but no more famous a metalhead. Ronnie's loss, in our - in his - community, is as big and as crushing as it gets, and this huge void is felt both because of the man's accomplishments and because of his unanimously beloved stature in the eyes of the entire metal community."