DIO DISCIPLES - "We Can't Just Walk Away From This"
by Martin Popoff

A very cool touring troupe is taking shape, smartly named DIO DISCIPLES, set to take the timeless songcraft of RONNIE JAMES DIO out on the road, first in Europe and then hopefully all over North America. Dio Disciples consists of none other than Rudy Sarzo, Ripper Owens, Simon Wright, Scott Warren, each part of the Dio camp in some manner, with Simon, Scott and Craig being longstanding Dio band members, Ripper being part and parcel of Wendy Dio's management stable and Rudy Sarzo having toured with the great man during the Holy Diver Live era.

"We're just in the basics of the plan of the moment," explains drummer Simon Wright, introducing the concept. "We're going to start out in Europe, which goes through June to the beginning of July, and then I think we're going to take a bit of a break, and hopefully we're going to start in September in America. There are no dates at the moment, but that is the plan. We thought long and hard about doing it, and we discussed a lot of what we were going to do, and it just became apparent we've got to do this. We can't just walk away from this."

What Simon means by this is of course Ronnie's silver mountain of inspirational metal anthems and what those anthems do for the Dio band's vast fanbase.

"They were always positive, weren't they?" muses Simon, asked about the power behind Ronnie's words. "He put a different slant on it. He would take it from a different angle. They were always positive. I mean you look at 'Last In Line': 'We're all the last in line.' They are always positive lyrics taken from a different view, but they're usually always about the underdog, or kicking somebody's ass - 'We Rock' (laughs)."

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