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by Martin Popoff

"Well, I think some people got the wrong impression," adds guitarist Craig Goldy. "But not everyone. Because I remember, his lyrics meant a lot to me. When I first met him, I told him how much his lyrics meant to me, when I found what he was actually saying. I would quote from his lyrics and I would say, 'You're singing this, but it sounds like it means this.' And he would say, 'Exactly!' He would grab my arm and go, 'Exactly - you understand!' So from that point on, he would call me, and even when he was with Heaven And Hell, he would say, 'Goldy, you're going to love this!' And he would recite me the lyrics to Heaven And Hell (laughs). And so I think people don't understand that he often presents both side of the situation. It sounds like he's trying to promote darkness, but that's why he says, 'We're evil and divine.' Or else he'll say things like, even in the song called 'Hungry For Heaven', when he talks about the person who doesn't deserve it and the person who does deserve it, who's been tread upon, like the underdog. Both of those people can be hungry for heaven. People are hungry for it because they're yearning and they're starved for any kind of light because their life is darkness, and then there are other people who are living spoiled rotten and they're hungry for heaven. They think they can get anything they want, whenever they can get it. And I think that's where people misunderstand him; that's where it would come from. Because he talks about both sides at once, and it's very kind of all-inclusive."

"We're kind of solidifying it at the moment," says Simon in closing, with respect to the set list we can expect from Dio Disciples. "Not taking too many chances at a moment. We are throwing in 'Egypt'. 'I Speed At Night' is going to be in there as well. Like I said, we're just trying to get things going, get on the road and stuff like that. We don't want to throw too many curveballs at the moment. That will probably come as we keep going on the road, and obviously, it's a great set at the moment. It's well paced and it's a lot of hits, 'Holy Diver', 'Heaven And Hell', 'We Rock', 'Rainbow In The Dark', obviously. They are songs that we have to do, because they were Ronnie's hits. But we're throwing in other ones as we slowly get going."

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