DIO DISCIPLES - "We Can't Just Walk Away From This" Page 3
by Martin Popoff

Adds Craig on the same subject, "Most people would probably think that I would want to get as many things on there that I co-wrote with Ronnie, but that wasn't the case. It was mainly just what do we think the fans would want? It just started off where Simon and I were sitting around thinking, wouldn't it be cool to play a lot of the songs that we hadn't played before? Ever. And then when time went on, it kind of metamorphosized, and we talked to the rest of the guys in the band, that it's really for the fans. I would think they would probably more appreciate the songs that they really know well, that meant something in their lives. For me, 'Stargazer' was a big song in my life, before I ever even met the man. It was a huge part of my life, and so we just decided to play the songs we really knew that we should play. There are songs you want to play, but there are some you have to play too, and those were songs that we knew meant a lot to people in their lives."