DIO's Concept Album Magica Page 2

The graphics throughout Magica really enhance the listener's perception of 'Blessing' - the planet where Evil has come to destroy Good - and the characters involved in this epic battle. The track titles too give you an eerie sense of foreboding. These include titles such as 'Lord Of The Last Day', 'Fever Dreams' - a definite play-list favorite - 'Turn To Stone', 'Feed My Head' and 'As Long As It's Not About Love'. 'Magica - The Story', the last track, is an 18 minute narration, by Ronnie, of the complex, fateful and fascinating story that is 'MAGICA'. Although written and performed as a 'story', all the tracks can readily be listened to and enjoyed individually, standing alone well. This is one album you will not be able to do without!

The US tour kicks off at the Ventura Theater - March 21st, 2000. Over about four weeks, it takes in some of the major cities across the country, ending up in New York around April 29th. So far, the unconfirmed gigs include Portland, Seattle, Reno, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Anaheim, San Diego, Phoenix, Tucson, Albuquerque, Colorado Springs, Corpus Christi (TX), Denver, San Antonio (TX), Lubbock, Columbia (MO), Amarillo, Dallas, Milwaukee, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, New York. Keep checking the web site for the latest news on the US tour. For all of you who don't see your city/town mentioned, don't get stressed. There will be another tour later in the year!

The lineup for the US tour is Ronnie, Craig, Jimmy and Simon. Scott Warren will be playing Keyboards.

It looks like the first European tour will start early May. The plans so far are to fly the band out of New York directly to Europe. June is probably going to be for those extra lucky fans in Japan, with stopover gigs in Australia and NZ. Canada, Central and South America and Russia are also possibilities for this year and early next year.

DIO will also shoot a video for the first single "Fever Dream" the end of February. A Spitfire European promo tour begins on February 14th, for a two-week promotional tour. It covers the UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Spain. A Spitfire US promo tour begins on March 3rd through the 8th in New York.

"Fever Dreams" is avialable as an MP3 on the SpitfireRecords website. www.spitfirerecords.com