DISTURBED - The Sickness is Spreading
By C.J. Cain

Sickness - it begins with a small invasion of a person's immune system, but if left unchecked, it can grow to epic proportions, infecting the masses. Just over three years ago, on the south side of Chicago, just such a plague was incubated in human form with the formation of Disturbed. Since the initial outbreak, the number of humans affected has grown in exponential proportions. Not content merely with the fevered reactions of the American populous, the sickness has spread to the European continent and even to avenues once thought safe from such incursion. The sickness, also known as Disturbed, has been classified as an epidemic!

Geez, was it really less than a year ago when bewildered throngs of Ozzfest attendees were leaving the battlefield mumbling, "Who the f*ck was that?!" In the months since, Disturbed has done everything in its power to make sure the world knows "who the f*ck they are!" Their initial release on Giant Records - "The Sickness" - aptly showcases the pounding primal sound of drummer Mike Wengren, bassist Fuzz, guitarist Dan Donegan, and the fiercely visceral and often uniquely synchopated vocals of David Draiman, along with supplemental programming and electronic wizardry.

David was good enough to talk to me at the beginning of the group's first headlining tour, where they're playing with Spineshank, Godhead and Skrape. Before the tour started, they had: Received a platinum record for "The Sickness," just returned from Europe where they opened for Marilyn Manson, contributed songs to the soundtracks for "Dracula 2000" and "Valentine," as well as recorded entrance music for WWF star "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, and appeared on "Loveline." David had also been a guest on "Politically Incorrect."

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