DISTURBED - The Sickness is Spreading Page 2
By C.J. Cain

When asked about the recent success and notoriety of Disturbed, Draiman said, "We didn't know it would happen so quickly, but we certainly had a lot of plans in place to help spread the sickness." On January 11 & 12, before the European tour, the group blew the doors out of Chicago's Metro, as both shows sold out in roughly 11 minutes, as Windy City residents hailed their hometown heroes. Draiman said, "We knew "The Sickness" had been certified platinum, but on the second night, management came out and presented us with the platinum record. It was really cool getting it at home." Then it was off to Europe.

"The European experience was different,' said Draiman, 'because the crowds coming to the shows there were really coming to see Marilyn Manson. We had to pull out the stops and win them over." That being accomplished, Disturbed returned to America.

When asked what it's like headlining for the first time, Draiman said, "It's great! We've got more elaborate staging, and we're working on some different versions of the songs." He said there has been some time to work on new material. "There's some new stuff in the works. We'll start work on the next record in late fall or winter. It may not be as 'dark' as 'The Sickness,' but it will definitely be signature Disturbed."

There seems no hope for a cure to "the sickness," but then again, the growing legions of fans are not looking for one. They will continue to treat it the only way they know how - prolonged exposure and heavy doses of volume!!