DIVINE HERESY - Drink The Fifth!
by Martin Popoff

He's fat and lazy. He eats too much Mexican food.

Legendary Fear Factory axeman Dino Cazares has endured all the jabs 'n' jibes he needs to hear. By his old band. By fans who think he hasn't bounced back quite as much as he should have since the acrimonious split with Burton, Ray and Christian.

But forget for a minute the new razor-sharp proto-thrash band he's wielding like a sword. Cazares has actually been busy indeed mining a fan base up and down Latin America, through his notorious murder metal band Brujeria, not to mention Asesino.

As a result, Dino's well traveled, his batteries are charged, and, along with Vital Remains/Hate Eternal drummer Tim Yeung and roarcore vocalist Tommy Vext (they're still looking for a permanent bassist), Cazares is ready to spit nails on what will prove to be a long tour in support of their debut album, Bleed The Fifth.

"Right now, we're booked all the way into March of next year," laughs Cazares. "And this is just the beginning. I mean, I believe we'll be touring all of this year and most of next year. Probably all of next year, until Christmas of next year. We have a myspace page, but they're not posted there. Certain dates can't be announced yet, because were going to be touring with other bands that aren't announced. It's weird - politics. I just want to say that, you know, I left Brujeria, just to be able to concentrate on this project. But I believe they are still the touring band; I haven't talked to the guys in a while. But yeah, I needed to get rid of some things to pursue this."

"I think that it fits in the classic metal category," ventures Dino, asked to describe what he thinks "this" is. "Meaning that, I believe what we've tried to do is make it as catchy as possible. I think a lot of bands lack that. A lot of bands put 20 riffs in one song and they put in a lot of non-catchy vocals. And ever since my career began, no matter how extreme I tried to make the music, I tried to make it as catchy as possible. I think that's where we stand out amongst the others. Tom wrote the lyrics, based on things that we discussed. And the album deals with the issues of personal strife we all go through in our daily lives, that we pretty much have to overcome. A lot of people obviously want to see me fail. A lot of people want to see this project fail. And it's kind of like a big 'f**k you' to people who think that - but in a positive light. So we've overcome it all and here we are - we're making a statement and we're leaving our mark."

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