DIVINE HERESY - Drink The Fifth! Page 4
by Martin Popoff

"We've had a lot of things that have happened," continues Dino, asked whether a band as dangerous as Brujeria tended to bring the nuts out of the cupboard. "Like for instance, on the cover of one of our records we had a severed head. And there was a killing in Houston, where a couple, a guy and a girl, had their heads chopped off. And they couldn't find the man's head. They found the body, and they found the body of the girl and they found the head of the girl, but they couldn't find the head of the guy. So the Houston police put a bulletin out saying 'Anybody who knows the whereabouts or has any information, please contact us.' And everybody was telling them that Brujeria was the band that did it. Yeah. It was hilarious, and the police actually did an investigation on the band, and they actually called Roadrunner. But then the cops found out that this record had come out years prior to the murder. But I thought that was hilarious."

Ever get handed any strange gifts?

"When you go to Mexico you get some unusual gifts. I got a machete that had my name on it (laughs). It's like, are you going to kill me with this machete or are you giving it to me as a gift? It's like a kid showing up to a show in LA going, 'I got you this Colt 45 with your name engraved on it.' You know what I mean?"

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