Doro - Return To The Wild
By Martin Popoff

Doro Pesch is a name that once had surprising cache in American circles, albums with Warlock and early records like Force Majeure as simply Doro making great impressions in a kinder, metaller time. But then label deals dropped away, as Doro continued to be prolific with albums overseas. Now Germany's metal queen is back with Calling The Wild..., a star-studded affair with the lady's canny mix of heartfelt ballads and down-tuned heft rockers, of which there are many.

The cool thing about Calling The Wild... is that, in keeping with Doro's painstaking work ethic, the album was recorded in many studios with just the right players for the task. Indeed, Doro globe-trotted from Germany to L.A. to New York and to Nashville (songwriting with ballad master Gary Scruggs) for the sessions. But the coolest collaboration is with our main Motor-man Lemmy.

Doro explains: "I wrote Lemmy a letter because I came across the album No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith, and there was this sweet little picture in the booklet of the two of us at a festival. So I called him and asked him if he would be interested in doing a ballad, a little duet, and he said 'yeah, I'm interested, why don't I come over either to England or to L.A.?' So I went to L.A. and we sat in the room and I had a couple of ideas and he sang me another song he wrote called Alone Again and the moment I heard it I thought 'Oh this is f**king great', I loved it so much, and then I thought I would like to do that one too. So I thought maybe if I do the single, that should be the b-side, and then I asked him if he minded if we recorded Love Me Forever again. And he liked that idea very much because he always said that song was underrated and he loved it so much and he thought it would be great if it got another shot. And then we went into the studio and had great people playing on it. We had Eric Singer, an awesome drummer, and Bob Kulick on guitar and my guy from the band in on guitar and Lemmy on bass and he also played the flamenco solo on Alone Again, which was awesome. I didn't even know that he played acoustic guitar so brilliantly. So I was very very happy with these two songs."

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