Doro - Return To The Wild Page 3
By Martin Popoff

Elsewhere, look for the Die Krupps guys, Andreas Bruhn from Sisters Of Mercy, plus on the song front, a grinding, low-down cover of Billy Idol's White Wedding and a rousing sports anthem tailor-made for Dusseldorf's Rheine Fire football team.

"Terrorvision is a song from the last record, Love Me In Black, and it was my favorite heavy song from the record," continues Doro on the lead-off track, a ferociously low rumbling metal monster. "I believed in that's song so much and I played a lot of festivals and that song was really hitting home. And I thought I would love to re-record it, and the record company agreed luckily, and we went in and recorded it live. On the last record we recorded it in a different way, but live it sounded great. Just for the kids, I think it's something to get into. I imagine it would be a nice single for college radio."

Get the picture? Every song on this album has a story, every song is an event, and every song is a miniature world on its own. The grand total comprises 14 tracks with subtle production and motivation differences, most rocking with a modern edge, a few pulling the heartstrings, all pumped full of life with Doro's distinct Germanic vocal. Out in mid-September, look for a possible U.S. tour with Dio, one wondering if the package was formed for the free 'n' easy way it rolls off the tongue. No word whether Deicide or labelmate Dee (Snider) will be along for the ride...