from BW&BK

DREAM THEATER's Mike Portnoy has updated the band website with the following news. The band's new studio album is scheduled for a January 2002 release, with a tour starting in Europe in January or February. In meantime, their live album, Live! Metropolis Pt. 2 album will be released in Japan on August 22nd and will include an exclusive bonus track. The North American release has been pushed ahead to September 11th.

Portnoy added that "There is no chance that 'When Dream And Day Unite' will ever be properly remixed, since the master tapes are owned by another label. Also, the overall interest would not warrant the money spent on this remix (only die-hard fans would be interested). Portnoy is planning to release official bootlegs with demos from Awake and Falling Into Infinity, so called "making of" CD's, full live concerts and tour highlights, similar to the 2000 Fan Club CD. There is also a possibility that the Majesty demos will be properly remixed for an official bootleg.

In releated news, keyboardist Jordan Rudess posted the following update: "What a wild ride the last few months have been! I went directly from working on the new Dream Theater album, to my friend John Guths studio, JGP, to finish the mix of my solo album. By tomorrow evening it will be completely mixed! I just came up for air here so that I could share that excitement with you. I am planning to take a few days off before starting up with Rod on a new Rudess/Morgenstein album. There are some really cool guest appearances on my album. It's been a blast putting it all together and listening to what everyone has contributed. It will certainly make a lot of you smile to hear the amazing performances these artists contributed. One of the highlights I will let you in on now include- the first ever recording of John Petrucci and Steve Morse on the same tune! Below in a previous announcement you can read the list of everybody appearing on the record.