From BW&BK

The new Dream Theater album is gonna be awesome. We finished the first round of writing and recording. Next up after John's G3 tour will be vocals and some final tracking for all of us. By time we left the studio for our break, all of us were blinking from the sudden surge of musical intensity that came out! We shifted into a LTE writing style blitz that left us laughing and stunned!

Finally- after a few days off (thankfully and finally) I will get together with my dear friend Rod Morgenstein to put the power duo back in action. That will be July's project up until DT gets back in the studio. We are both looking forward to moving forward with a new Rudess/morgenstein project.

Also- in a couple of weeks we will be adding video clips to the Online Conservatory, as well as a lot of cool changes within the web site. The Video will be yours truly, showing the existing lessons (for starters) and presenting them in front of the camera. So now you will have MP3-SMF-notation and text as well as a video to learn from. I also have plans to start putting new solo keyboard performances on an area within the site for your entertainment."