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As well, Portnoy's side-project, TRANSATLANTIC, will release Bridge Across Forever in October. It will have the following tracklisting: 'Duel With The Devil - i. Motherless Children ii. Walk Away iii. Silence Of The Night iv. You're Not Alone' v. Almost Home', 'Suite Charlotte Pike - i. If She Runs ii. Mr. Wonderful iii. Lost And Found Pt. 1 iv. Temple Of The Gods v. Motherless Children/If She Runs (reprise)', 'Bridge Across Forever' and 'Stranger In Your Soul - i. Sleeping Wide Awake ii. Hanging In The Balance iii. Lost And Found Pt. 2 iv. Awakening The Stranger v. Slide vi. Stranger In Your Soul'. Additional musicians on the album include: Chris Carmichael (violin, viola and cello), Keith Mears (saxophone) and The Elite Choir (background vocals).