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by Martin Popoff

Credits-wise, Scenes From A Memory finds Petrucci and drummer Mike Portnoy getting the nod as producers. Musically, James credits pretty much the whole band except himself, basically, the guys who are playing the instruments." And the rest? For all the melodies it was myself, John Petrucci and Mike. And then for all the lyrics it was myself, John Petrucci, Mike and John Myung." The record took only eight to ten weeks, working at Bear Tracks studio once more (probably all told, the band's most frequented studio thus far), quite a feat, given that much of it was written right in the studio, even moreso when you find out that the record clocks in at a staggering 77:11!

Vocally, there are a few cool things going on within this theatrical, cinematic record. There's a local New Jersey choir for which Jordan Rudess had done scores, as well as the soaring vocals of a woman James knows only as Theresa. She was mind-blowing. She doesn't know what a bad note is, this girl." Additionally, there's the part of the hypnotist, played by none other than legendary Rush producer Terry Brown. Him and I have struck up a really strong relationship in an musical sense," reveals James. So I asked him to come in and record my vocals for the Dream Theater album. And John Petrucci is going, "I wonder who we can get to play this part,' and I said "let's get Terry, man, he's got an accent, let's check him out!' And we did, and John is like, "yeah man! This guy's got the voice. Let's go for it!' So we asked him, and he said, "Sure! I'd love to do it! Put me there, man. Give me the microphone!' He actually ended up doing it up in Toronto, though."

So there you have it. If you aren't intrigued, you should be. And once you hear the record, the bubbling activity below the surface will cause more than a few curious explorations and discoveries, not to mention quizzical brow-furrowing at all the recurring waves of shred.

Touring is the next long, hard inevitability. The Agency Group are looking into it right now. There's talk about Queensryche, there's talk about Megadeth, there's talk about Iron Maiden later on, maybe next spring. But whether any of this will actually materialize, I'm not sure. But I do know that we'll likely start touring near the end of October, the beginning of November. And I'm not sure if we're going to start in North America or whether Europe would be our first stop. But we're with Deep Purple's management, Thames Entertainment, and Bruce Payne, who is our head manager, is psyched on the band, really pumped. We are the only other band besides Deep Purple they've ever managed. They've been with Deep Purple since day one and we're the only other band they ever felt they wanted something to do with. They want to put us into a lot of new areas in the world, like the whole South Pacific rim, like Malaysia and Indonesia, Taiwan, and then India and the Eastern Bloc. Then there's the whole of South America, because we've only ever gone to Brazil and played twice, Rio De Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Conversely, it would be nice to play in more cities in Canada than just Toronto and Montreal."

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