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by Martin Popoff

James LaBrie offers a bit of a career retrospective...

When Dream And Day Unite, vocals by Charlie Dominici (1989)
The guys were exceptionally young at the time. I still think there are some great moments on there. I think Charlie has a great voice for like Beatles stuff. He just went on to oblivion. I mean, he stayed in touch with the guys off and on, but I don't think they were ever really that close. I think they just knew that it wasn't going to work. After they had recorded the album, they went out and did a few shows, and they were just like "uh, nope. He didn't cut it in a visual sense and he definitely didn't cut it in a vocal sense."

Images And Words (1992)
It was very exciting. It was my first real album. There was a really strong exciting bond with the band and we were all really pumped about this album. It's always going to be one of my fondest memories. It was the first real thing I was doing that was going to be released worldwide."

Live At The Marquee (1993)
That came out because Images And Words was very popular over in the U.K. There was a lot of buzz and the label said "we think it would be really cool for you to do a live album at The Marquee' which is a famous landmark club in the U.K. And at that time, our A&R guy was Derek Oliver, who was an Englishman. So he was like, "this would be bloooody great!' (laughs)."

Awake (1994)
I love the album. The one down thing about Awake is that we were all very much aware that something was going on with Kevin. It just didn't feel right. He was drifting and getting more distant from us, and it was pretty much told to us while we were recording the album, he was going to leave. But I think the music on Awake was really cool. It was definitely an indication of where we were individually and as a band, and what kind of style of music we were into, which was more heavy."

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