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by Martin Popoff

So what I'm saying, is that record was really difficult for me to write, and I work hard at it. But thank you, I appreciate it. I felt that was my greatest writing to that point, and hopefully for the next Fozzy record, and hopefully with the next Duke record... because, in all honesty, The Duke, I want to be this kind of, to quote Ghostbusters, 'a class five free-roaming vapour' (laughs). I'd like for it to be this thing that can change. I'd like for the next record to be a little bit more progressive, I'd like it to be a little more rock at times. So hopefully I can use this Duke moniker to continue to challenge myself as a player, and to collaborate with other amazing musicians that push me as well. Because that's been the one thing that I found really useful, is playing with amazing players. And them pushing me and saying, 'Hey man, I love this part; have you thought about this, have you thought about that?' It's great to be able to bounce things off of players you really respect."

We close with the thought, mentioned above as well, that Rich can pretty much expect My Kung Fu Is Good to get slaughtered by the metal press. Fozzy... that damn album is my favourite album now of the last three years, easy, but dammit, people can't get past the name, the past with the covers, the wrestling tie-in with Chris. Mainly the name. I love the Duke album, but it's something you either personally connect with or don't. It's masterful in a bunch of strictly audiophile ways as well. It's just... major. But I guess I'm warning you about it at the same time. On the other hand, Fozzy's All That Remains, I'm telling you now... it's going to be #1 on my Top 25 at the end of the year, in BW&BK, all over the place. And before you croak on that, take my advice. Headphones. The whole album. A few times. Maybe some workin' out at the same time, or a jog or something. It is gorgeously constructed and damn heavy - plus you get the best guitar solo Zakk has ever done. But hey, back to The Duke...

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