DOUGIE WHITE - Fury Unleashed... On His Doorstep!
by Martin Popoff

Vocal pro Dougie White is hard at work on CORNERSTONE's forthcoming live album - their last record for Massacre - after which the band may or may not move on to a new imprint. As we speak three or four new studio tracks are being written in Copenhagen, primarily for shopping purposes.

In the meantime, sez Dougie, "When I got back on Sunday from Copenhagen, there was a parcel on the doorstep, and it was burned copy of the new YNGWIE MALMSTEEN album, Unleash The Fury. I only managed to listen through Yngwie's album a couple of times, but I have to tell you, it's really tight sounding. It's a fairly aggressive but tight sounding album. The guy who mixed it, Mike Fraser, who's done AEROSMITH and WHITESNAKE, he's got this really tight sound. I mean, the drums are just holding it all together and it feels as if the music is just about to bust through them, if that makes any sense. And I was playing it to a friend of mine this morning, who is a big Malmsteen fan, a guy called Alex Dickson who was with me in MIDNIGHT BLUE and he subsequently went on to play with BRUCE DICKINSON and ROBBIE WILLIAMS and stuff, and he said, 'That's the guitar player I remember when I first heard them!' Because he's back right at the top of his game; his guitar sounds incredible. You know, he's playing with precision. You know, me as a singer, I don't notice particularly that. But other guitar players are noticing the precision that's back in his guitar playing. And of course, people buy Yngwie's albums to hear Yngwie's guitar playing. So if he's back on track like that again, that's really good."

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