DOUGIE WHITE - Fury Unleashed... On His Doorstep! Page 2
by Martin Popoff

"On Attack, because we hadn't worked together, the American record company were particularly wanting a more aggressive sounding voice. There was sort of more a CHRIS CORNELL/RONNIE DIO kind of heavy-sounding aggressive voice. And I feel, when I do that kind of stuff, it kind of limits me in my vocal range, just because of the power it takes to generate that sound. Whereas with this album, because we were interrupted with hurricanes (laughs), we weren't concentrating on the vocals all sounding the same. So every day, you could come in with a different approach sound-wise on the vocals. So I think when people listen to the album from a vocal point of view, rather than a guitar player's point of view, they'll see a lot of different colours, a lot of different weaves in the tapestry that haven't been on an Yngwie album before."

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