Eidolon: Bow To The King Page 2
by Martin Popoff

Glen is accurate about Eidolon not being a progressive metal band. Or particularly power metal. It's a strangely old, authentic type of power metal, but without the telltale clichˇs of the new European breed. "We have a lot of influences but we've been getting a lot of compliments about the record from people saying that we have our own sound. I think there's a little bit of King Diamond in there, maybe a little bit of Fates Warning, but that's actually going to happen when you are influenced by these bands. That's why you do what you do. Guitar-wise, I like Paul Gilbert a lot. I grew up with all that Shrapnel stuff. And course Yngwie Malmsteen started it all. Without him, I don't think most of that would have existed, that classical style of guitar playing. I like Tony MacAlpine a lot, Randy Rhoads, Allan Holdsworth, so many. Those are the main ones."

Look for Eidolon to tour, er, much later. In the meantime for a sense of Glen's guitar flash, get the album, as well as King Diamond's new one House Of God (both out now on Metal Blade) and then hear him on tour with the King. Hey, and if you catch the tour, look for the guy running around plugging stuff in, tuning up axes, yelling at roadies, getting yelled at by the soundman and flashing that little penlight thing around in the dark. He's the mastermind behind Eidolon and he deserves a beer!