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by Martin Popoff

A personal favourite has always been Tiamat's Wildhoney. As it turns out, the magic of that album was forged of divergent views...

"Wildhoney, I don't know... it was kind of a situation where Johan at this time, he wasn't sure. He was completely on this Pink Floyd trip. And he wanted to make records that had nothing to do with metal. So when I came to this picture, and we started to work together, I was pushing more in the metal direction. Not that I don't like the other direction, but I was thinking about the whole record, not just like individual songs. I was looking at the record as a whole complete record. And when you've done two hard metal records, I tried to explain to Johan, 'I understand you, that you like Pink Floyd, but you still need to think about what you did in the past. The records you did before. You still liked them, right? So you can't just turn your back and say I don't like this anymore.' And so we said let's try to put together some kind of compromise. So I think that was the magical thing, this compromise between this metal mixture with this kind of Pink Floyd style. And what came out was Wildhoney."

Back to the project at hand, where are things going with Enemy Of The Sun from a lyrical standpoint?

"Lyrics are basically 100% the point of view of the singer. For me it's very important that everyone in this band feels a part of it, and it's not just me telling the guys what to do. When people in the outside world look at it as the new band of Waldemar, that's right, but this is also the new band for Alla (Fedynitch - bass) and Daniel (Zeman - drums) and Jules (Naveri - vocals). For me it's important that every guy feels like he is a part of it and feels at home. For a singer it's very important that he puts his own feelings into the lyrics, because then it's much more emotional. Most things are personal, but we don't want to point in our lyrics, like what you have to do and what you don't. It's important for me also never to use names or religions or nationalities. I think problems are mainly the problems of all humans, without nationalities or religion - bad people are bad people. You have to make decisions by yourself, and when you listen to the lyrics, you might think about what's being said and dig deeper, but overall, I think lyrics don't have the power to change much."

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